Human Rights Pathways

In an increasingly contested and complex global environment the future of human rights is under significant strain.

On the one hand, geopolitical rivalry is undermining the already fragile place of human rights in bilateral and multilateral relationships.

On the other hand, political movements both on the right and left are abandoning human rights in pursuit of their differing visions for society.

The relationship between human rights and climate change, and human rights and health, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, also needs strategic rethinking. The place of human rights in the digital sphere requires creative and bold new approaches.
The Human Rights Pathways project will deliver research, analysis and multi-stakeholder convening to identify how alliances, institutions, strategies and tools can be adapted to strengthen human rights protection in an increasingly contested global environment.
It will foster the development of the human rights framework to allow for sustained human rights promotion and protection within societies that are being influenced and shaped by great power rivalry, climate change and technological advances.
By analysing the long-term impacts of power shifts between states and the evolving role of non-traditional stakeholders, the project will generate practical ideas on how to address challenges for the human rights system and how the system needs to evolve.