Laurie Laybourn

Visiting Fellow, Sustainability Accelerator, Environment and Society Centre

Headshot of Laurie Laybourn-Langton


Laurie Laybourn is a visiting fellow at the Chatham House Sustainability Accelerator. His interests focus on how to better anticipate the development of the environmental crisis and its consequences over the coming decades, and how future leaders can rise to the challenge of realising effective mitigation and adaptation strategies under these conditions. Laurie is also an associate fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and a visiting fellow at the Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter. His wide-ranging research portfolio includes leading the award-winning Responding to Environmental Breakdown programme at IPPR. Laurie is also a trustee at the New Economics Foundation (NEF).  

Previously, Laurie was director of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change and co-founding executive director of the Economic Change Unit. He has also worked at the Grantham Institute at the London School of Economics, the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) at Oxford University, and the House of Lords. Laurie has a BSc in physics from the University of Exeter and a MPhil in economics from the University of Oxford.