Dr Manisha Anantharaman

Associate Fellow, Environment and Society Centre

Headshot of Manisha Anantharaman


Manisha Anantharaman is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Center for the Sociology of Organisations (CNRS/Sciences Po).

Her critical and interdisciplinary research explores inequality in ecological transitions. She has published two books connecting environmental justice, sustainability, and development: Recycling Class: The contradictions of inclusion in urban sustainability (MIT Press, 2024) and a co-edited volume The Circular Economy and the Global South (Routledge, UK, 2019). 

Her research projects include a Belmont Forum/US National Science Foundation funded project studying digitalization and household consumption, and a Swiss Network of International Studies project on green public spaces and sustainable wellbeing.   

Her research outputs have been published in Urban Studies, Journal of Cleaner Production, and the Journal of Consumer Culture

At Chatham House, Manisha works with the Circular Economy team within the Environment and Society Program on topics related to sustainable development and consumption, informal work, and urban infrastructures.  

Manisha holds a PhD from the University of California Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science Policy and Management (2015), where she was a Berkeley Connect Fellow. Before this, she was an Inlaks Scholar at the University of Oxford studying mathematics and biology (M.Sc Integrative Biosciences 2008).

Past experience

2023 - presentAssistant Professor, Sciences Po 
2020 - 23Associate Professor, Saint Mary’s College of California
2015 - 20Assistant Professor, Saint Mary’s College of California 
2014-15Graduate Research Fellow, University of California Berkeley 
2013-14Consultant, WIEGO International and Hasirudala Cooperative
2008-09Program Officer and Research Associate, Conservation and Education (full-time) Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE)