Internet Consolidation: What Lies Beneath the Application Layer?

Four experts explain the concept of internet consolidation and discuss its implications for the future.

Published 10 December 2019 Updated 8 July 2021 7 minute watch

Internet consolidation

Jennifer Cobbe (the University of Cambridge), Emily Taylor (Associate Fellow at Chatham House’s International Security Programme), Andrew Sullivan (The Internet Society) and Jesse Sowell (the Bush School of Government) discuss the threats and opportunities posed by internet consolidation and the best way forward.

This video is part of a cooperation between the International Security Programme (ISP), the Journal of Cyber Policy and the Internet Society (ISOC), which aims to provide in-depth policy research that answers some of the big questions about consolidation of the internet.

An open access special issue of the Journal of Cyber Policy includes the following articles:

  • On market Concentration and Cybersecurity Risk
  • The Influence of Internet Architecture on Centralised versus Distributed Internet Services
  • Consolidation in the DNS resolver market – how much, how fast, how dangerous?
  • What Lies Beneath: Transparency in Online Service Supply Chains
  • Unpacking interoperability in competition
  • Evaluating Competition in the Internet’s Infrastructure: A View of GAFAM from the Internet Exchanges
  • Reshaping the Internet- The impact of the securitization of internet infrastructure on approaches to Internet governance: The case of Russia and the EU