Cultural Revival and Social Transformation in Ukraine

The role of culture and the arts in supporting post-Euromaidan resilience
Research paper ISBN: 978 1 78413 425 9
The 2018 premiere of the opera ‘Gaz’ by Nova Opera, a contemporary take on the 1930s avant garde theatre production by Les Kurbas, at Mystetskyi Arsenal.

Ukraine’s cultural and creative sectors have flourished since the Euromaidan revolution, helping the country to counter divisive Russian narratives and develop a greater sense of national identity.

Culture has been central to the state’s response to the threat from Russia since 2014. As Russia has continued its hybrid warfare against Ukraine, and has sought to create identity cleavages in society by promoting divisive historical and cultural narratives, Ukraine has demonstrated a high degree of resilience to this threat by pursuing a more robust identity policy through the activities of state institutions in the field of culture and identity.