Africa Aware: Human smuggling and trafficking in Niger

This episode examines the violence and harm caused by these illicit practices, and the international responses to them as part of an XCEPT project mini-series.

Audio Published 3 April 2023 21 minute listen

The flow of migrants, from East and West Africa to Libya is on a scale much smaller than before, but is increasingly linked to violence along the conflict supply chain of human smuggling and trafficking.

Although the conditions for migrants in Libya is better documented, migration flows also play a key role in transit hubs like Agadez, Niger.

Peter Tinti outlines the state of human smuggling and trafficking in Niger, international responses to these practices and the violence and harms caused by these now-illicit practices.

This podcast was produced with support from the Cross-Border Conflict Evidence, Policy and Trends (XCEPT) project, funded by UK Aid from the UK government.