Dr Marion Messmer

Senior Research Fellow, International Security Programme

Headshot of Marion Messmer


Dr Marion Messmer is a senior research fellow in the International Security Programme at Chatham House. She has expertise in arms control, nuclear weapons policy issues and Russia-NATO relations.

Before joining Chatham House, Marion was the Co-Director of BASIC, where she led on the organization’s nuclear risk reduction and disarmament work.

Marion is an N2 Innovation Fellow (2020-2021) and an ACONA Fellow (2021-2022) and holds a PhD in Security Studies from King’s College London.

Past experience

2019-22 Co-director, BASIC
2021-22 Arms Control Negotiation Academy Fellow
2020-21 N2 Innovation Fellow
2018-19 Policy Analyst, BASIC
2015-19 Research Assistant, King’s College London