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Annexed Crimea: Crimean Tatars and their Struggle for Freedom

10 March 2017 - 13:00 to 14:00

Chatham House, London


Tunne Kelam, Member of the European Parliament, EPP
Emine Dzheppar, Crimean Tatar activist; First Deputy Minister, Ukraine’s Ministry of Information Policy
Chair: Orysia Lutsevych, Manager, Ukraine Forum, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House



Three years ago the Crimean Peninsula was annexed by the Russian Federation. This led to the displacement of approximately 20,000 people and a steep deterioration in human rights, civil liberties and freedom of expression on the peninsula. In particular, Crimean Tatars continue to experience harsh discrimination.

This panel will discuss the realities of annexation and the role of Crimean Tatars in resisting the occupation, and suggest how the West can better support the Crimean Tatars. What lessons can be learnt from the non-recognition status of the Baltic States during the Soviet occupation?

Our panel will also evaluate the consequences of a possible Trump/Putin ‘deal’ on Crimea and what it means for the peninsula as well as the wider security of Europe.

This event is organized in association with the Estonian Institute of Human Rights.