The role of renewable energy within the 1.5°C pathway

Are governments doing enough to ensure that we meet the 1.5°C pathway?

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26 April 2021 — 12:00PM TO 1:00PM

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Over the last decade, renewable energy has shifted to the centre of discourse when discussing plans to address climate change. This has accelerated since the outbreak of COVID-19, as governments increasingly are including significant investment into renewable technology as part of their recovery packages, however, they are also continuing to provide stimulus funds to conventional fossil fuel energy providers. Are governments doing enough to ensure that we meet the 1.5°C pathway?

Against this backdrop, the panellists explore key questions including:

  • Is the current level of investment into renewable technology enough to ensure that the world meets the 1.5°C pathway?
  • How can governments support the development of renewable energy systems?
  • How can private investment into renewable energy be enhanced and are government regulations more incentivizing than public pressure?
  • How do you ensure a just transition and equal access to energy in different areas of the globe with varying energy requirements and systems in place?
  • What are the side-effects of investment in renewable energy on wider considerations such as the future workforce, trading regimes and financial markets?

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