‘Bidenomics’ and the American Economy

Panellists discuss what type of economic policies to expect from a Biden presidency. 

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3 December 2020 — 1:30PM TO 2:30PM

‘Bidenomics’ and the American Economy

— Panellists discuss what type of economic policies to expect from a Biden presidency.

Joe Biden’s first days as president of the United States will likely focus on securing a stimulus package to address the economic consequences of the coronavirus if one has not already passed. But securing a stimulus deal is just the first step in Biden’s plans for economic reform.

While much of President Donald Trump’s economic policy centred on cutting taxes and deregulation, advisers to the Biden campaign emphasized addressing long-standing economic inequality through increased taxes for high-income households and businesses along with other priorities like mitigating climate change.

How much influence has the progressive wing of the Democratic Party had in influencing ‘Bidenomics’ and will we see a strong departure from previous Democratic administrations? How may his ideas for reform depend on Congress and are there opportunities for economic reform through executive action alone?


Professor Jason Furman, Professor of the Practice of Economic Policy, Harvard Kennedy School & Department of Economics, Harvard University; 28th Chairman of the US Council of Economic Advisers, 2013-17

Megan Greene, Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School; Dame DeAnne Julius Senior Academy Fellow in International Economics, Chatham House


Dr Leslie Vinjamuri, Director, US and the Americas Programme, Chatham House

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