Cyber governance in the civil nuclear industry

Join experts for a discussion on the cybersecurity of civil nuclear power plants.

Research event
9 June 2021 — 4:00PM TO 5:45PM

Civil nuclear power plants across the globe face increasing risks and challenges in maintaining their security in light of pervasive cyber threats. Nuclear facilities are increasingly reliant on digital systems susceptible to attack, as highlighted by the high-profile Stuxnet worm in 2010 and the recent Natanz cyberattack on Iran’s nuclear enrichment facility, among many others.

As cyberattacks become more and more common, by both state and non-state actors, there is a need to reach a consensus on how to mitigate the threats to civil nuclear facilities so as not to disrupt the future of the civil nuclear industry.

This panel discussion will explore the cybersecurity governance of nuclear facilities and will assess existing standards and guidelines, as well as innovative measures for governing the civil nuclear industry. The panel will address accountability, liability and responsibility in operating nuclear power plants, as well as the implications of new technologies (e.g., small modular reactors) and future threats on governance. Speakers will also address the role of insurance in incentivizing operators in the cybersecurity domain.

This event is part of a Chatham House research project, funded by the MacArthur Foundation. Our research aims to foster discussion on cybersecurity guidelines and incentives to mitigate future threats and ensure the good governance and continued peaceful use of civil nuclear facilities. 

Questions from participants will be taken throughout the event to encourage a constructive discussion on mitigating cyber threats in civil nuclear power plants. Direct participation and engagement from participants is encouraged.

Please note that only a receipt of an email confirming registration from Chatham House will allow entry.


Debra Decker, Senior Advisor, Stimson Center

Kevin Deyette, Program Manager, NuScale Power, LLC

Chris Lambert, Political Advisor, Nuclear Risk Insurers

Kathryn Rauhut, Non-Resident Fellow, Stimson Center

Beyza Unal, Deputy Director, International Security Programme, Chatham House

Rhonda Evans, Head of Engagement and Sustainability, World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS)

Kathleen Heppell-Masys, Director General, Directorate of Security and Safeguards, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Chair: Dr Patricia Lewis, Research Director, International Security Programme, Chatham House

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