Driving investment for better societies

London Climate Action Week event: What are the investments we need to see?

Research event Recording
30 June 2022 — 9:00AM TO 9:45AM
Chatham House and Online


— Experts discuss investment needed to fund the transition to net zero

Significant amounts of investment are needed to fund the transition to net zero and ensure there is a just transition.

But our current financial systems are not fit for purpose. They are overly complex, having developed through time with an undue focus on short-term performance, interlocking regulatory regimes and misaligned incentives that do not enable effective risk bearing by long-term financial institutions.

This event investigates how we can drive more capital to support long-term investment in the real economy that delivers for society.

Taking a systems lens approach, a panel and group discussion explores questions such as:

•    What are the current drivers of behaviours across the investment system?

•    What are the leverage points for making systemic changes?

•    What can be achieved in the short-term (next five years)?

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