US 2020 Elections: How Will Citizens Vote?

Discussion on the extent of voter suppression in the US and whether an expansion of voting by mail will enfranchise more US citizens.

The innocuous, independent US Postal Service has recently become the focal point of yet another partisan battle as Democrats claim reforms implemented by Republican officials are attempting to undermine the US election.

US president Donald Trump has repeatedly stated a widespread adoption of mail-in balloting would lead to voter fraud, while officials on the other side of the aisle claim it is the only way to safely vote in the midst of a pandemic.

Is the USPS adequately prepared to manage an influx of ballots? Will objections to mail-in ballots lead to voter suppression? How do you restore confidence amongst citizens that their votes will be counted? How do these concerns compare to structural considerations – such as available resources and mismanagement – in impeding the democratic process?

Drawing on his research in his latest book, Election Meltdown, Professor Richard L Hasen, Chancellor’s Professor of Law and Political Science at University California Irvine, joins us to discuss the issues.


Speaker: Professor Richard Hasen, Chancellor’s Professor of Law and Political Science, University California Irvine
Chair: Dr Leslie Vinjamuri, Director, US and the Americas Programme, Chatham House