Virtual Roundtable: The Ordeal of Soviet Dissidents, and is the Putin Regime Creating it Anew?

Research event
30 June 2020 — 2:00PM TO 3:30PM

During the Soviet Union, the state used two organs to suppress dissent: the Party and the KGB. Under Putin, the mechanisms for control have changed, centering around an autocrat and oligarchs who serve as assistants. Weak, falsifiable elections provide a veneer of democracy while social media and freedom of emigration remain in place as safety valves.

The discussion will draw upon key findings from Peter Reddaway’s recent book The Dissidents: A Memoir of Working with the Resistance in Russia, 1960-1990.

This event will be held on the record.


Speaker: Peter Reddaway, Professor Emeritus of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University
Chair: James Nixey, Programme Director, Russia and Eurasia, Chatham House

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