NATO at the Olympics: Tempting Target

Despite all the arguments across the Atlantic and between ‘new and ‘old’ Europe, NATO seems to be the international community’s favourite answer to every problem. Not only troubleshooting the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and perhaps even Israel-Palestine eventually, the organisation is now being invited by Greece to help with security for the Olympic Games.

The World Today
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George Kassimeris

Greek political commentator and Senior Research Fellow, Wolverhampton University

The world is desperate to feel safe again, and perhaps it is inevitable that the only working military alliance should find itself in such demand in these uncertain times. The question is, how much can it realistically do, and how much is it reasonable to expect?

This powerful grouping of countries has banded together for mutual protection; surely the alliance can be used in some way for direct action in preventing terrorism? This certainly appears to be the thinking of the Greek government in its request for NATO assistance.

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