Pakistan: A View from the Edge

Pakistan may well be at a crux, fifty-seven years after it was founded as the first Islamic state. The next couple of years could define its viability as a modern and cohesive nation.

The World Today Published 1 May 2004 Updated 16 October 2020 5 minute READ

Chris Cork

has worked with a number of non-governmental organisations

President Pervez Musharraf is a friend to the west now and a ‘major ally’ of America, but if he went – what then? Who comes next and with what agenda? And whose finger is going to be on the nuclear trigger? Nobody knows, but they all talk about it in the tea shops.

The events that preceded and flowed from September 11 2001 are having a profound effect on Pakistan. The warmth of the relationship between the United States-led coalition and the Pakistani government is not reflected in the general populace, which nurses a deepening and increasingly heated antipathy to America and all its works.

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