Alastair Campbell, the original spin doctor

Tony Blair’s spokesman tells Alan Philps how the world should deal with Trump and what it would take for Jeremy Corbyn to become prime minister

The World Today Published 1 October 2017 Updated 23 November 2020 5 minute READ

Alan Philps

Former Editor, The World Today, Communications and Publishing

Do you think we are really going to leave Europe?

I hope not. I don’t think public opinion has shifted massively. Not yet. People have rejected the notion of a second referendum because it is not clear what the question would be. Would it be based on ‘the deal’? Are we able at any point to put the current status quo in a question in a referendum? We’re in this very confused, quite dangerous moment and the government strategy, if you want to elevate it to that level, seems to be to say it’s all going to be fine, stick with it.

What is Labour’s responsibility for Brexit? Do you think in the run-up to the referendum they could have rescued the situation?

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