Why Assad is still there

Diana Darke on three accounts of Syria’s anguish

The World Today Published 29 September 2017 Updated 23 November 2020 3 minute READ

Diana Darke

Author, ‘My House in Damascus: An Inside View of the Syrian Crisis’ (Haus)

The Story of Syria
Ghayth Armanazi, Gilgamesh Publishing, £14.95

Destroying a Nation: The Civil War in Syria
Nikolaos van Dam, IB Tauris, £8.99

We Crossed a Bridge and it Trembled: Voices from Syria
Wendy Pearlman, Custom House, £18.99

Complexity reigns in Syria, with numerous players engaged on the world’s most chaotic battlefield. But three books, despite their very different approaches, share a simple refrain – the ruling Assad regime sees no need to discuss a political solution. Thanks to the consistent military backing of its powerful allies, Russia, Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, it is increasingly getting its own way.

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