Chatham House Quiz 2012 Answers

The World Today Published 1 December 2012 Updated 7 December 2018 1 minute READ

The World

1. Croatia

2. Spain

3. Kodak

4. Kenya

5. Coca Cola

6. Vladimir Putin


7. 46p

8. 60%

9. Robert Jay QC at the Leveson Inquiry


10. Golf

11. Afghanistan and Tuvula

12. China

13. 56

14. Rwanda

15. Ecuador

This year, who said:

16. Hu Jintao

17. Tony Blair

18. Boris Johnson

19. Rupert Murdoch

20. Ban Ki-Moon

Who said in The World Today:

21. Carl Bildt

22. Niall Ferguson

23. Yossi Beilin

24. Mark Kleiman

Crack the code

25. To General Loisson from the hand of Marshal Soult

The battle to secure our route north through the mountains has shown clearly that we must not underestimate the resolve and initiative of Wellesley and his officers. The rearguard action at Salalmonde came close to a phyrric victory when the British, with Portugese support, attempted to sabotage the bridge at Ponte Nova. Even when we retook the bridge, the collapse of our rearguard led to many losses, and we were lucky that our pursuers missed the narrow road that we took out of the valley.

It is clear that command of troops is of secondary importance to command of the roads, bridges and other strategic objectives and this pales in significance to knowledge of our enemies’ intentions. To this end you are commanded to secure a network of local sympathizers, afrancesados, who will assist us in mapping the terrain and in gathering intelligence concerning the movement and dispositions of the British troops.

Vive La France

Marshal Soult