Shards of empire

The World Today Updated 7 December 2018 Published 3 June 2013 1 minute READ

Akrotiri and Dhekelia

Population: 17,000 Cypriots + 7,500 British military personnel

Economy: services to the military


Population: 15,094

Economy: financial services, tourism and fishing


Population: 64,268

Economy: financial services and tourism

British Antarctic Territory

Population: 250 in summer. No native inhabitants

Economy: research stations

British Indian Ocean Territory

Population: 1,700 UK & US military personnel + 1,500 civilians. The indiginous people, the Chagos Islanders, were removed to Mauritius to make way for Diego Garcia base in 1973

Economy: services to Anglo-American military

British Virgin Islands

Population: 27,800

Economy: financial services and agriculture

Cayman Islands

Population: 54,878

Economy: financial services, tourism and shipping

Falkland Islands

Population: 2,932

Economy: services to the military, fishing, oil-exploration and tourism


Population: 29,752

Economy: financial services, online gambling, shipping and tourism


Population: 5,900

Economy: shipping, and receives a £25 million annual subsidy from Britain

Pitcairn Islands

Population: 67

Economy: fishing, subsistence farming and stamp and coin trading

Saint Helena, Ascension & Tristan da Cunha

Population: 5,809, 1,532 and 264

Economy: tourism, services to the military

South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands

Population: 30

Economy: fishing, tourism and stamps

Turks and Caicos Islands

Population: 46,400

Economy: financial services and tourism