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Published 2 August 2013 Updated 7 December 2018 1 minute READ

When Arctic security is the topic there is no one like Dmitry Rogozin, Russian Deputy Premier in charge of defence industries, to get the conversation going. In a speech on June 28, Rogozin gave warning of a military stand-off in the Arctic, with Russia’s oil installations subject to sabotage by its rivals.

As our cover story by Charles Emmerson shows, this scenario of blazing rigs and eco disaster is, for the moment, far from reality. But it does prove how fast the Arctic is globalizing, and how unsettling this process is to Russia. Suddenly countries as far away as China and India are claiming a stake in a region which few cared about in the past.

Away from the icy north, lack of fresh water is a key practical issue. Gareth Price looks at ways to secure supplies in South Asia, while Mark Zeitoun analyses growing tensions over the great rivers of the Middle East.

Ahead of Germany’s federal elections in September, Almut Möller and Gisela Stuart MP offer an insider’s and an outsider’s view of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Abroad she is accused of lacking an inspiring European vision – exactly the quality that Germans desire in a leader.

New research has confirmed that most MPs are hopeless at tweeting. Chris Bryant MP shows how wit and provocation are the keys to success in social media. MPs could also learn a thing or two from Dmitry Rogozin, no slouch in the world of 140 characters. His view of the Arctic? ‘NATO has sensed where the wind come s from. It comes from the North.’