How to Protect Nuclear Power Plants Against Cyber Attacks

By examining political, economic, societal and technological factors - known as the PEST method - organizations can mitigate cyber threats against nuclear power plants.

Explainer Video Updated 16 January 2024 Published 30 August 2019 2 minute watch

How to Protect Nuclear Power Plants Against Cyber Attacks

As nuclear energy provides 10% of the world’s energy demand, any disturbance may have consequences for local and national economies, the environment and even human life. 

The PEST method allows organizations to consider the following elements:  leadership and establishing policies for cybersecurity strategy, planning, and risk assessment strategies (Political/Policy) allocating the necessary budget for cyber security incidents and for contingency budgets (Economic); establishing a cyber security culture through training (Societal); and considering the use of technological developments and how these change the risk calculation (Technological). 

This work was carried out as part of a project generously funded by the MacArthur Foundation.