The Climate Briefing: Carbon Pricing and the Article 6 Negotiations

How could the adoption of carbon pricing mechanisms contribute to global action on climate change? And what is driving the the UN negotiations over Article 6 of the Paris Agreement?

Audio Updated 29 September 2023 Published 23 November 2020 51 minute listen

In the latest episode of the Climate Briefing the team explore the concept of carbon pricing, a set of mechanisms which incentivise businesses and consumers to reduce their carbon emissions, and consider the dynamics of the hotly contested Article 6 negotiations. 

Ben speaks to Stuart Evans from Vivid Economics about how carbon pricing works, how it can help reduce emissions and how these mechanisms could have contrasting effects in developed and developing countries. 

In the second interview, Anna and Aglaja Espelage from the Perspectives Climate Group take a deep dive into the negotiations on Article 6 with the aim of disentangling what parties are negotiating, why the negotiations are important and why it has been so difficult to reach an agreement.