EU–US collaboration on quantum technologies

Emerging opportunities for research and standards-setting
Research paper Updated 30 March 2021 Published 29 January 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78413 421 1
A superconducting quantum processor

Martin Everett

Senior Researcher, Ridgeway Information

The development of quantum technologies represents a significant scientific advance with the potential to benefit many. However, security concerns over quantum technologies in the fields of computing and communications – chiefly in relation to encryption and decryption – have limited international cooperation.

Existing discussions between the EU and US on quantum technologies remain low key. However, closer partnerships in the sector are possible in basic scientific research and communications standards.

In order to remain a relevant player in the advancement of quantum technology, EU-based researchers and start-ups are in need of additional support – in terms of funding and policy – to enable closer cooperation with global researchers and institutions, particularly in the US.