Undercurrents: Sustainable food systems, and the politics of national history

Interviews this week explore the relationship between food provision and climate change, and the contentious politics of British imperial history.

Published 19 February 2021 Updated 30 March 2021 60 minute listen

This week, Ben is joined by Claudia Sadoff to discuss the relationship between food systems, climate change and security. Claudia was speaking ahead of the launch of a new campaign from CGIAR and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. Transforming Agricultural Innovation for Climate, Nature and People calls for half of public investments in agricultural innovation to focus on innovations that provide new solutions across the entire spectrum of our food and agricultural industries to support the UN Global Goals that related to food, climate and the environment.

Then Mariana Vieira speaks to David Veevers about his recent article on the mis-remembering of British imperial history. They discuss how empire has shaped modern British society, and the troubling signs that the UK government may attempt to define the ‘right’ interpretation of the nation’s history.