Undercurrents: Gender and COVID-19, and US environmental politics

How are gender dynamics being misunderstood in the pandemic response? And how are domestic factors driving US climate policy under Biden?

56 minute listen

This week Lara Hollmann and Mariana Vieira present two interviews with recent contributors to Chatham House’s publications, International Affairs and The World Today

First, Lara speaks to Professor Sophie Harman about her research into the gender dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sophie argues that for too many policymakers, gendered roles are complacently seen as a solution to the social effects of the pandemic, with women expected to shoulder the additional burdens of domestic work and childcare during national lockdowns. 

Then Mariana is joined by Dr Daniel Strieff to discuss the trajectory of climate politics in the United States. They cover the early signs from the Biden administration as well as the domestic forces influencing foreign policy in this area.