Reflections at 100: War and conflict

How has war and conflict changed over the last century, and how have International Affairs authors understood it?

Audio Updated 31 August 2022 Published 12 April 2022 41 minute listen

To mark the 100th anniversary of International Affairs, the journal of Chatham House, a new series of six archive collections will explore the past, present and future of current affairs issues. Each collection will be accompanied by an episode in this mini-series, where we explore what the research tells us about policy-making today.  

This episode is all about war and conflict. Krisztina Csortea chats with the collection’s editors and war experts Andrew Dorman and Tracey German. They reflect on who has been talking about war in the journal, how debates have changed over time and how academics follow fashions in research. Later, Isabel Muttreja speaks to T.V. Paul about India and Pakistan’s nuclear policies and how the Ukraine conflict reminds us why this is such an important topic. 

International Affairs was started at Chatham House in 1922 to communicate research to members who could not attend in person. Over the last 100 years it has transformed into a journal that publishes academically rigorous and policy relevant research. It is published for Chatham House by Oxford University Press. Read the latest issue.