Contentious politics: Change in Lebanon

With elections looming, how are emerging political parties shaping Lebanon’s political system?

Audio Updated 10 May 2022 Published 9 May 2022 34 minute listen

Laury Haytayan

MENA Director, Natural Resource Governance Institute

The Contentious politics since the ‘Arab Spring’ project seeks to challenge the current prevalent narrative of a failed 2010/2011 series of revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa. The project does this by interrogating the events in the Arab region since 2010 in a critical light, and by introducing a more nuanced analytical lens to understanding the evolution of change in the region and its contentious politics. The project is supported by the Carnegie Corporation New York.

In this four-part mini-series from the Undercurrents podcast, Lina Khatib speaks to leading experts about the great upheaval which occurred in the Arab region during the ‘Arab Spring’, the changes across Arab countries that have happened since and the outlook for the future.

In the second episode, Lina and Laury Haytayan examine changes in Lebanon’s political system, and in particular the new political parties which are beginning to emerge to challenge the status quo.