Artificial intelligence: hear from the experts

Explaining the power, benefits and risks of AI and the need for regulation.

Explainer Video
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Experts explain the enormous power of AI technology, its positive potential, the increasing understanding of the risks involved – and the need to ensure that AI is developed and regulated responsibly in a way that benefits all humanity.

Speakers include:

Dr Milly Zimeta
Peggy Hicks
Dame Wendy Hall
Carl Miller
James Manyika

Chatham House and AI:

Building on its existing research on AI governance and in cooperation with Google, Chatham House is hosting a series of inclusive, diverse and policy relevant activities on the responsible development of AI and its impact on online information systems.

The goal of this project is to foster a lively public debate on what is responsible AI in practice, its risks and benefits for our common information space as well as provide a multi-stakeholder consultative platform to inform its development.

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