Video series showcases world voices on just and sustainable trade

Videos provide diverse global perspectives on issues shaping trade justice.

News release Published 4 September 2023 Updated 10 November 2023 1 minute READ

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A new series of videos created by Chatham House’s Environment and Society Centre showcases global insights on sustainable trade, to inform more inclusive trade policymaking.

The videos, recorded at 2022’s COP27 climate change conference in Sharm-el-Sheik, Egypt, provide diverse global perspectives on issues shaping trade justice.

The ‘Trade Insights’ videos feature speakers from countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway, the UK and others, with backgrounds in business, government, civil society and indigenous communities.

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Thiago Uehara, Research Fellow at Chatham House said:

‘The intention of the video series is to open trade policy discussions to people other than lawyers and economists, since trade shapes societies, environments, and economies, and to highlight challenges and effective solutions towards a sustainable and just world.

‘We hope these voices will provide valuable insights to policymakers in the run up to COP28. The videos were created as part of our Trade Hub project, which is currently developing a roadmap for just and sustainable trade.’

Watch the full playlist on Chatham House’s Youtube Channel.