Chatham House welcomes 2023 interns: Autumn cohort

An internship at Chatham House offers an invaluable learning experience through a six-month placement in one of our teams.

News release
Published 4 October 2023 2 minute READ

Press Office

Chatham House is excited to welcome the Autumn cohort to the Molchanov Sustainability Internship Programme

Introduced in January 2021, the programme has been made possible following the gift of Pavel Molchanov, to support the next generation of leaders in sustainability. 

The internships grant practical learning opportunities at a world-famous think-tank, helping a new generation of policymakers understand how to shape policy, influence debate, and create meaningful change towards a sustainable future. 

Alis Martin, Early Careers Manager at Chatham House, said: 

‘We are delighted to welcome the Autumn cohort to the Molchanov Sustainability Internship Programme. There could not be a more exciting time to be at Chatham House. Our interns play an important part in supporting our work and start making real contributions to the projects they’re working on very quickly – they are key members of our team.

Our internship programme is an outstanding opportunity for anyone looking to start a career in IR, learn about the sector, gain insights into the work of a world-leading policy institute and develop understanding of critical international affairs issues.’

Carla Bock, intern, Middle East and North Africa Programme, said: 

‘I am delighted to be able to join the Middle East and North Africa Programme. I have a great deal of interest in this region of the world, and I’m eager to learn more about the interactions between the various players there as well as the complex challenges it experiences.

As soon as I researched Chatham House, I was impressed by the spirit and goals of the institute. Joining the team at Chatham House is an amazing opportunity to expand my knowledge, develop my skills, and acquire new experiences.’

Daksha Gupta, intern, Environment and Society Centre, said: 

‘Having witnessed the escalating challenges of waste management and climate-induced disasters in my country, I am eager to learn about implementing the concept of circular economies and sustainable food systems in developing countries along with building climate risk resilience during my time at Chatham House.

I look forward to gaining mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals, contributing to high-quality research and utilizing the immense networking opportunities at this prestigious institute.’

Elaiza Endziulaityte, intern, Russia and Eurasia Programme, said:

‘I was drawn to the opportunity of interning with the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House for several reasons. Throughout my master’s program, I actively followed Chatham House’s work in this field and was consistently impressed by their insightful discussions and research initiatives.

This resonance with the activities of Russia and Eurasia Programme naturally motivated me to seek a role within Chatham House. Additionally, my previous application for a volunteer position last autumn reflected my genuine enthusiasm to actively contribute to Chatham House’s mission of promoting informed and constructive dialogue on critical international matters.’

Georgia Cole, intern, International Law Programme, said: 

‘During my internship with the International Law Programme, I plan to expand on my research interests in international law and security. I am particularly excited to participate in Chatham House’s work on AI and technology within international law.

I also hope to explore different career pathways within the policy arena, and I look forward to attending Chatham House’s events and interacting with industry experts.’

Jiaxi (Jessie) Hu, intern, International Affairs journal, said:

‘I’ve always been fascinated by the significance of Chatham House and the International Affairs journal in the discipline of International Relations.

As an intern at the International Affairs journal, I’m especially eager to learn more about how knowledge is produced and circulated, and how the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion are integrated into the journal publication process.’

Kester Abbott, intern, UK in the World Programme, said: 

‘I am delighted to be able to join the UK in the World Programme. I am interested in better understanding how the UK’s evolving, post-Brexit foreign policy will be able to both uphold the principles and security of liberal democracies while not undermining its wider international commitments to economic development, global governance, and environmental initiatives.

These efforts are becoming ever stressed by the international community’s seemingly growing bifurcation between ‘democracies’ and ‘autocracies.”

For more information about the internships, please contact Alis Martin