Afghanistan: Opportunity in Crisis (2014-2015)

After decades of conflict, Afghanistan faces a unique opportunity to achieve political stability and peace. Covering the critical issues of elections, reconciliation and development, Chatham House tracked the country’s path through years of crisis to identify new policy options for the future.

Building on decades of research, Chatham House used its convening, research and analytical resources to identify actionable options for policy-makers to promote more inclusive politics and improve the prospects for a political resolution of conflict in Afghanistan. Through high-level meetings and rigorous research, the project examined the nature of engagement among and between Afghans and the international community as well as perspectives from major regional actors. 

Our partnering networks allowed access to a wide range of contributors and audiences, both internationally and in Afghanistan, and provided a platform for decision-makers to contribute to a roadmap for political transition. Significantly, the project offered literature in local languages (Pashto and Dari), adding to the analytical scope of the work.

This project was supported by a global advisory group and run in partnership with the US Institute for Peace, the Chr. Michelsen Institute, and the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU).