Rebuilding International Economic Cooperation

This project seeks to put forward practical, collaborative, politically viable solutions to some of the economic challenges the world currently faces.

The recent election of Joe Biden as US president raises the prospect of a renewed push to find multilateral solutions to global economic problems, coordinated by the G7 and G20 in 2021 and beyond.

But the mechanisms of the past won’t simply snap back into place. The extent of common ground needs to be established, trust needs to be rebuilt, and technical solutions to problems found.

The papers in the series are authored by independent economic policy experts from the private sector, academia and think-tanks, some with a public policy background. Each paper addresses a specific problem made more acute by the COVID-19 pandemic where international economic cooperation can make a significant difference.

These papers are not intended to provide a comprehensive solution to the crisis. But they do address common problems, and the proposals put forward offer the prospect of the whole being more than the sum of the parts.

Taken together, they offer a menu of practical ideas to help re-engage the mechanisms for international economic cooperation and build towards a more ambitious and systematic reform of global economic cooperation and governance.

Creon Butler spoke at the Delphi Economic Forum on May 13 2021, addressing the global debt overhang and outlining the outputs of this project.