Donors to Chatham House

This list is based on income recognized in the financial year ending 31 March 2022.

Research activities in 2021/22 were supported by contributions from sources including governmental departments and agencies, private foundations and companies from around the world.

This support includes research grants for specific projects, event sponsorship, or core support to a research department, programme or centre.

The institute receives income in the form of membership subscriptions from its approximately 3000+ individual members and 300+ corporate members comprising private companies, governmental departments, embassies and high commissions, universities and academic institutions, media organizations and NGOs.

Individual donors provide philanthropic donations towards Chatham House’s activities.

Regular conferences and flagship annual events, including the Chatham House Prize and London Conference, bring income from delegate fees and sponsorship.

Income from publications comprises primarily royalties from the International Affairs journal and subscriptions to The World Today.

The institute receives some income from investments and from miscellaneous sources.

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List of donors

The list below incorporates grants for research projects and discretionary contributions to research departments; support to the Queen Elizabeth II Academy and its fellowship positions; event sponsorship and delegate fees; corporate membership dues; and philanthropic donations to the institute, including endowment and capital gifts.

Where relevant, the list combines multiple donations from the same organization to show their total contribution to the institute’s recognized income over the year.


* The Chatham House Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt charity registered in the United States in 1982. The Foundation is a separate legal entity to Chatham House and has its own board of trustees. It makes grants to Chatham House under its objectives which are to promote the study of international affairs and to bring to an American audience the type of rigorous analysis, independent speakers and members events developed by Chatham House. A list of Chatham House Foundation donors can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Chatham House: Climate relevant funding

The health and sustainability of the planet is central to Chatham House’s mission. Implementation of the Paris Agreement is a critical step toward achieving this goal. All states and many companies are now signed up to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions in alignment with the Agreement.

For its part the institute will: 

  • regularly assess whether companies and other institutions that support its work are making a credible commitment in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement; 
  • seek and accept research and convening funding only from companies and institutions that are contributing to global efforts to deliver a net zero world by 2050; 
  • not undertake research and policy dialogues that encourage fossil fuel extraction; 
  • review this policy regularly to ensure continued consistency and alignment between the institute’s funding, its mission and the best scientific advice on how to support the transition to a net zero world by 2050. 

This policy has been applied to new funders from November 2021. Funding from existing donors unable to meet the criteria assessed as necessary by 2025 will no longer be accepted. 

The policy does not apply to membership contributions. 

Funding from the tobacco industry

Chatham House does not accept funding from the tobacco industry. The institute took this decision in accordance with its funding guidelines Principles for Independent Research and Convening and in light of the United Nations Compact on Tobacco. 

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