Gavin Boyle

Senior Adviser

Gavin Boyle


Gavin is currently Visiting Fellow in Astrophysics at the Cavendish Laboratory - Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge, where his research focus is in exoplanetary science.

Gavin previously spent 20 years at Tudor Group, the global macro hedge fund, where he was Group Co-President and CEO of their European and Australasian businesses. For much of this time, he also sat on advisory committees for the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority.

He is a trustee of Reform, Britain’s public services think tank established to radically improve the functioning of the state, and a trustee for the Nehemiah Project for addiction, recovery and rehabilitation.

He is an emeritus trustee of the education charity Shine, which he co-founded and formally chaired, a Global Guardian for UNICEF focused on refugee relief, and an Envoy for the Global Fund for Forgotten People.

Gavin holds an MA in economics from the University of Cambridge where he also supports research in astrophysics and related educational outreach.