Iraq Initiative

The Iraq Initiative is a fieldwork-based policy programme that rethinks the cycle of failure and repair undermining efforts to build and secure the state in Iraq.

This project employs a new theoretical model of analysis to tackle the root causes of state failure in an effort to reach more nuanced approaches to stabilization and peacebuilding. This fresh thinking focuses on both the local and national level. At the local level, the initiative maps key political, tribal, business, military and clerical figures in each governorate, and at the national level, the initiative explores the struggle over the state. The programme is based on original analysis from a network of researchers who reside throughout Iraq and conduct surveys and focus groups. Chatham House also convenes meetings in various cities in the Middle East and in the UK.


Renad Mansour

Academy Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme
+44 (0)20 7314 3737

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