The 2021 climate agenda

Chatham House experts consider the issues that will dominate the climate agenda in 2021. 

Members event, Panel
7 January 2021 — 1:00PM TO 2:00PM

The coronavirus crisis has demonstrated that, when confronted with a significant threat, governments across the world can take decisive action to mitigate the effects. Despite the very visible devastations of the climate crisis, addressing it has suffered, among other things, from partisan politics and a sometimes disjointed global awareness of where responsibility lies and the extent of action needed.

As countries convene in Glasgow for COP26 to update their Nationally Determined Contributions, and the US attempts to re-assert its leadership in climate circles by re-joining the Paris Agreement, is there an opportunity to reinvigorate international cooperation on tackling the climate crisis?

In this webinar, Chatham House experts consider the issues that will dominate national and international climate agendas in 2021:

  • How has the pandemic exacerbated existing climate concerns and what areas will require more attention?

  • What are the lessons from COVID-19 in terms of the level of international cooperation needed to deal with existential threats?

  • And, as nations continue to deal with the social, political and economic effects of the pandemic, how can governments make climate policy a national priority?

As with all member events, questions from the audience drive the conversation.

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