Chatham House Primer: The Internet of Things

Linda Bernardi explains how the introduction of so-called ‘smart’ objects balances convenient lifestyle and consumer needs.

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30 November 2017 — 6:00PM TO 7:00PM
Chatham House, London

The phrase the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) has become synonymous with the next stage of humankind’s economic advancement. But what exactly is the IoT and why might it be so important?

Linda Bernardi will explain how the introduction of so-called ‘smart’ objects – from phones and cars to kettles and domestic central heating systems – might seem like just another step towards an ever more convenient lifestyle but is in fact a paradigm shift in the way businesses must think about consumer needs.

The talk will cover:

  • ‘Smart’ objects: The collision of real and digital
  • Three IoTs:
    • The Internet of Things
    • The Intelligence of Things
    • The Innovation of Things
  • How the IoT has already changed the world without us noticing
  • How the IoT will change the future: Reimagining human needs
  • Big data and the IoT: Is my fridge spying on me and should I care?
  • The future of connectivity: Will humans become things in the IoT?

This event will be followed by a reception open to all attendees.

About Chatham House Primers
The Chatham House Primer Series is a unique programme of talks designed to bridge the gap between introductory level subject knowledge and a more advanced understanding geared towards practical application, higher-level discussion and policy debate.

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Linda Bernardi, Executive Vice President, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Element AI; Chief Innovation Officer, Internet of Things & Cloud, IBM (2013-16); Author, The Inversion Factor: How to Thrive in the IoT Economy


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