Corporate leaders series: In conversation with Lady Suzanne Heywood

Join this insightful conversation between Lady Suzanne Heywood, chair, CNH Industrial and Evan Davis, presenter, BBC Radio4.

Members event, Panel Recording
3 June 2021 — 7:00PM TO 8:00PM

Corporate leaders series: In conversation with Lady Suzanne Heywood

— Part of the corporate leaders series, examining how long-term growth and resilience can be built into the global economy in a sustainable, profitable and purpose-driven way.

Lady Suzanne Heywood describes the challenges of steering a multinational corporation through the coronavirus pandemic. During the interview Lady Heywood discusses:

  • Stepping in as CEO of CNH Industrial at the time of UK lockdown;

  • The challenge of closing and then reopening facilities across the world (and making them covid secure);

  • Changing management perceptions of business during a pandemic;

  • The meaning of becoming a carbon-neutral company;

  • How government can encourage companies to adopt genuinely sustainable solutions;

  • UK and US governments’ potential new direction on corporate tax.

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