Living with COVID-19: International Security

As the pandemic continues to expand, the prospect of the virus becoming endemic, and the economic and societal impact of measures aimed at suppressing it, are increasingly being felt.

Members event, Webinar Recording
14 October 2020 — 11:00AM TO 12:00PM

Living with COVID-19: Opportunism and International Security

— LIVE: Second session of the autumn series of interactive webinars on the coronavirus with Professor David Heymann and special guests Dr Patricia Lewis and Joyce Hakmeh.

The world is entering a new phase of the coronavirus crisis with countries needing to find ways to successfully live with the virus.

In this session, Professor David Heymann and special guests, Dr Patricia Lewis and Joyce Hakmeh, help us to make sense of the latest developments in the global crisis.

  • What are the international security implications of COVID-19?

  • Has there been any opportunism in terms of international security?

  • What are the implications of cyber attacks on vaccine research?

  • And has the pandemic shown us anything about the world’s state of readiness to respond to a bio-weapons crisis?

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