Webinar: COVID-19 – Early Reflections on the Global Outlook

Director of Chatham House, Dr Robin Niblett CMG, and colleagues provide early reflections on the global outlook in this moment.

Members event, Webinar Recording
20 March 2020 — 5:00PM TO 5:45PM

Amid the growing global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments are scrambling to respond to what is a combined medical and economic emergency.

Much of the response to date has been disjointed with only a few signs of international coordination. For several years, there have been warnings that states would find it difficult to manage a new global crisis in an increasingly confrontational, protectionist and nativist political environment.

  • But could the pandemic yet present world leaders with an opportunity to come together?

  • Does the pandemic have the potential to end globalization as we know it?

  • What could international cooperation realistically achieve?

  • And in the long-term, could the crisis provide an opportunity to shift towards more sustainable and resilient political, economic and financial architectures?

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