Webinar: International Perceptions of North Korea’s Security and Foreign Policy Priorities

Panellists consider the extent to which Pyongyang’s security and foreign policy priorities align with international perceptions.

Members event, Webinar Recording
29 June 2020 — 6:00PM TO 7:00PM

In his 2018 New Year’s Day address, Kim Jong-un declared that North Korea had developed a nuclear deterrent catalysing the country’s adversaries to pay more critical attention to Pyongyang’s domestic and foreign policy priorities.

While popular narratives describe Kim Jong-un as an erratic leader with whom engagement is difficult, a number of intelligence assessments contend that the North Korean leader has relatively rational concerns about his regime’s survival. But how far are these narratives contradictory?

  • What are Pyongyang’s security and foreign policy goals and how should we understand North Korea’s nuclear deterrent within this context?

  • How should we understand ‘denuclearization’ in the context of North Korea and the Korean Peninsula?

  • And is there potential for a cohesive international strategy that reduces North Korea’s isolation and extracts concessions from Pyongyang, encouraging the regime to collaborate with the international community?

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