Webinar: Investing in Mental Health Policy

Panellists discuss the significance of investing in mental health and the return on the individual, the economy and society.

Members event, Webinar Recording
17 April 2020 — 1:00PM TO 2:00PM

Although the economic and societal benefits of investing in health are increasingly recognized, less than two per cent of national health budgets globally are spent on mental health, despite the enormous impact it has on citizens and countries around the world.

With the global health emergency of COVID-19 accelerating conversations around mental wellness and productivity, governments around the world are under increasing pressure to respond to the immediate challenges of ensuring both physical and mental health.

  • Given that mental illness typically rises in times of economic recession and health crises, how are individuals, businesses and societies thinking about this issue?

  • How can governments ensure mental health is integrated in global health coverage?

  • And what role does technology play in mental health provision?

This event was run in partnership with United for Global Mental Health, within the framework of the Speak Your Mind (SYM) nationally led and globally united campaign that calls on leaders to provide quality mental health for all.

UnitedGMH aims to unite global efforts on mental health and provides advocacy, campaigning and financing support to global institutions, businesses, communities and individual change-makers seeking greater action on global mental health.

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