Webinar: Labour, Foreign Policy and Internationalism

Labour leadership candidate, Lisa Nandy, reflects on the party’s foreign policy priorities and makes the case for a foreign policy underpinned by internationalism.

Members event, Webinar Recording
25 March 2020 — 6:00PM TO 6:45PM

In recent years, the Labour party has struggled to reach cross-party consensus on its foreign policy agenda. While the current leadership election offers the party an opportunity to debate and redefine its position on issues such as immigration, security and Brexit, the extent to which Labour can reconcile its factionalism remains unclear.

  • As Labour undergoes a process of reflection, what kind of foreign policy agenda should the party rally behind that will also appeal to voters outside of its traditional base?

  • Can the Labour party be unified on its approach to international issues?

  • Is an internationalist foreign policy an attractive choice for voters?

  • And as Brexit tensions persist, what might the party’s framework be to ensure new trade deals and partnerships align with fundamental Labour priorities such as workers’ rights?

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