Ukraine still struggles to embark on a viable path of economic prosperity and peace. The armed conflict with Russia, which is now in its seventh year, shows meagre prospects for abating.

One of the most sustainable ceasefires negotiated by President Zelenksyy’s team in 2020 lasted a little over a month, only to be violated again. Russia continues building pressure on Kyiv to agree to its terms of conflict resolution. On the economic front, COVID-19 has heavily hit Ukraine’s fragile economy and the IMF predicted decline of 8% in 2020.

This event examines the prospects for peace with the added tensions of the pandemic and economic decline.  What are the prospects of seeking peaceful resolution to the conflict in Donbas? How have the Normandy Format and Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine influenced peace talks?  What have been Ukraine’s efforts in delivering sustainable reform and building resilient society?


Andriy Yermak, Head of Office of the President of Ukraine
Chair: Orysia Lutsevych, Head of Ukraine Forum, Research Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House