Webinar: Weekly COVID-19 Pandemic Briefing - Experience and Response in Africa

As countries grapple with how best to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and the reverberations it is sending through their societies and economies, understanding of how the virus is behaving, and what measures might best combat it, continues to advance.

Members event, Webinar Recording
3 June 2020 — 10:00AM TO 10:45AM

The eleventh in a weekly series of interactive webinars on the coronavirus with Professor David Heymann and special guest, Dr John Nkengasong, helping us to understand the facts and make sense of the latest developments in the global crisis.

  • Why has Africa so far apparently been relatively spared the scale of outbreak seen elsewhere?

  • What challenges and successes is the Africa CDC experiencing in supporting responses across the continent?

  • What can other countries learn from approaches being taken in Africa?

  • What will be the biggest challenges for responses in Africa over the next six months to a year?

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