Webinar: Weekly COVID-19 Pandemic Briefing – The Swedish Approach

The sixth in a weekly series of interactive webinars on the coronavirus with Professor David Heymann and special guest, Johan Giesecke, helping us to understand the facts and make sense of the latest developments in the global crisis.

Members event, Webinar Recording
29 April 2020 — 10:00AM TO 11:00AM

The coronavirus pandemic continues to claim lives around the world. As countries grapple with how best to tackle the virus, and the reverberations the pandemic is sending through their societies and economies, scientific understanding of how the COVID-19 virus is behaving and what measures might best combat it continues to advance.

  • What strategy has Sweden embraced and why?

  • Can a herd immunity strategy work in the fight against COVID-19?

  • How insightful is it to compare different nations’ approaches and what does the degree of variation reveal?

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