Paper launch: What deters Russia?

This event explores what lessons can be taken from past responses to Russian hostile actions and suggests recommendations for effective deterrence.

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8 October 2021 — 12:00PM TO 1:15PM

Driven by misguided perceptions that it is in conflict with the West, Russia continues to use a variety of state and non-state levers of power to harm Western governments, societies and people which have become progressively more unchecked and damaging.

In recent years, Western responses have repeatedly failed to deter this behaviour. Although attempts to avoid conflict are unable to dismantle Moscow’s misguided notions of hostility, it is possible to influence the actions and behaviours that drive its policy implementation.

This event highlights key recommendations for effective deterrence against Russia from the new Chatham House paper ‘What deters Russia?’.

The speakers explore these through analysis of past responses, successful or not, to Russian hostile actions.

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