Director’s briefing: French foreign policy - a view from Paris

Manuel Lafont Rapnouil outlines France’s foreign policy priorities.

Partner and major corporate event Invitation only
10 March 2021 — 1:00PM TO 2:00PM

At the end of a tumultuous 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron gave an interview to foreign affairs magazine Le Grand Continent emphasizing the two guiding principles of his foreign policy: a reinvigorated multilateralism and a strong, political Europe which can carry its weight in the face of Chinese, Russian and American power.

To unpack this philosophy, and assess what it means for France and the rest of the world, Robin Niblett is joined by director of policy planning for France’s Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Manuel Lafont Rapnouil. What are France’s foreign policy priorities? Might German Atlanticism and US President Joe Biden’s presidency hamper the country’s push for European ‘strategic autonomy’? Will Macron’s campaign against ‘Islamist separatism’ at home stymie efforts to influence Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa? And following years of tense Brexit negotiations, how can Paris and London work together to advance shared values and interests?

This event is only open to Chatham House Partners and Major Corporate Members as well as selected giving circles of Chatham House. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Linda Bedford at [email protected].