Another Israeli election: Could there be different results?

Speakers analyse the results of the 1 November 2022 vote and whether another election in close succession is looming on the horizon.

Research event, Webinar
10 November 2022 — 2:00PM TO 3:00PM

Israel is heading to the polls for the fifth time in three and a half years following the collapse of the so-called ‘change’ government. Although a decisive result is not expected, this is nevertheless a crucial election which might have a profound long-term impact on the character of the country.

Once again it is not about which party gains the most seats, but whether the ‘anyone but Bibi’ bloc or the ‘only Bibi’ one will win a majority in the Knesset, enough to form the next coalition government. This will determine the direction Israel will be heading in its domestic affairs, rule of law, and relations with the Palestinians, Iran and the rest of the region and the world.

The event will be held on the record and live-streamed on the MENA Programme’s Facebook page.

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